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Machinist Resume

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John Doe
123 Main Street
Apartmnet #1A
Los Angeles, California  90001

OBJECTIVE: A challenging Machinist position


2009 To

My Current Employer, Inc.
Los Angeles, California
Notable Accomplishments:

  • Calculated dimensions and tolerances using knowledge of mathematics and instruments such as micrometers and vernier calipers

  • Aligned and secured holding fixtures, cutting tools, attachments, accessories, and materials onto machines


Resume + FREE Career Letters

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To the left is a list of Sample Resumes for your review.  In it you will find links to sample accounting resumes, architect resumes, banking resumes, customer service resumes, engineering resumes, marketing resumes, nursing resumes, sales resumes, etc.  With over 2,500 unique industry- and job-specific phrases and keywords built-in to our Resume Builder tool - you are a click away from having a great resume.

Here are several Resume Writing Tips to help you get started.

Choosing A Proper Resume Format -

The two most common resume formats are the Chronological Resume format and Functional Resume format with the former favored by most employers.

The Chronological Resume format is ideal for job seekers staying in the same career field and/or do not have a break in their employment history.  In contrast, the Functional Resume format is better suited to people intent on changing career fields, transitioning from the military to the private sector, having breaks in employment, etc.

Writing A Perfect Resume Objective Statement -

Do not overlook the Resume Objective Statement section.  A poorly written Resume Objective Statement is a recipe for resume and job search failure.

Well conceived, properly written Resume Objective Statements are short, to the point, and include a specific job title.  Here are two examples of a Resume Objective Statement:

Resume Objective Statement #1:  
A challenging Customer Service Representative position
Resume Objective Statement #2:
A position where I can share my experience and help the Company grow

Image yourself as a Recruiter or Employer.  Which of the above Resume Objective Statements would tell you more about the job seeker's interests?  Clearly, the answer is Resume Objective Statement #1.  Here's why ... it is short and to the point.  Importantly, it immediately tells employers the exact position (Customer Service Representative) being sought by the job seeker.  Conversely, Resume Objective Statement #2 reveals nothing of real value to the employer.  The reader has no idea what position the job seeker is seeking.  All that the reader knows is that the job seeker wants to share his or her experience and help the company grow.  But in what capacity?  Does the job seeker want to be the President of the Company?  An Engineer, Customer Service  Representative, etc?  Don't leave recruiters and employers wondering.  Reveal your objective in a short, very matter-of-fact Resume Objective Statement.


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